We have extensive hospice and end of life resources for patients and their families

What Does Hospice of New Mexico Do?

Responsive image hospice patient and spouse enjoying the outdoors

We provide care to all age groups during the final stages of life. You will have an experienced team of physicians, registered nurses, certified nurse aides, medical social workers, counselors, and trained volunteers available to help you and your family manage your illness.

Your physician and Hospice of New Mexico will work with you to set up a comprehensive plan of care to manage your symptoms and assess the needs of your family. Your family or another caregiver will be with you, and members of our team will make regular visits to ensure your comfort. A nurse and a physician are on-call 24 hours a day, seven days a week to give you and your family support and care when you need it.

Hospice of New Mexico’s physicians, our Medical Directors, provide additional support to patients’ existing physician(s). They are an additional resource for the hospice team, the community doctor, the patient, and their family.  While patients can choose for one of our Medical Directors to be the attending physician, most often we play a coordination role with the patient’s existing doctor.

What is Hospice

Hospice is personalized care that addresses the medical, emotional, and spiritual needs of individuals faced with a life-limiting illness and their families nearing the final stage of life. The goal is to help terminally ill individuals live their final weeks and months with the highest quality of life possible

The Hospice Difference

Although it may be difficult to shift your focus from seeking a cure to choosing comfort care as the best alternative, numerous studies have shown that patients enrolled in hospice services actually live longer with better symptom control and pain management than non-hospice patients. The most common statement made by families who chose hospice for their loved one is, “we wish we had known about hospice sooner.”