Because Hospice of New Mexico offers comprehensive hospice care, we employ a range of qualified individuals with varied backgrounds.

FAQ’s about employment with Hospice of New Mexico

What's it like to work at Hospice of New Mexico?

Hospice work can be some of the most rewarding work in healthcare.  There is a great deal of joy and satisfaction to be had in helping people find comfort and dignity as they experience this phase of life.  It is work in which time is very precious and when small things can mean a great deal to patients and their loved ones.  Hospice of New Mexico prides itself on emphasizing the patient-centered approach to care.  We help patients and families make decisions that offer more control over their care.  We have a wonderful caring team of hospice specialists but we are always looking for bright and talented people to join our work.  Please contact us at 505-872-2300 if you have questions about the work we do or if you are interested in hospice employment.

What types of paid roles are needed at Hospice of New Mexico?


Nurse Practitioners

Registered Nurse Case Managers

Admission Nurses

After Hours/Triage Nurses and PRN (as needed) for night or day hours)

Various Administrative Roles

Home Health Aide

Social Worker



What types of non-paid roles are needed at Hospice of New Mexico?
  • Volunteer
  • Music Therapy
  • Massage Therapy
  • Pet Ambassadors

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